Monday, August 10, 2015

H562 Now Law; What's Next?

Now that Governor Pat McCrory has signed H562 into law, it's time to start on RKBA legislation for next year. Now, the only law I truly support is one that fines and imprisons anyone who attempts to infringe the right to keep and bear arms. Having said that, I realize that I should accept what is realistic. To that end, I think the next steps in reclaiming gun rights are:

1. Remove the force of law from gun free zones; refusing to leave when asked will be simple trespassing. The current "infraction" takes a property rights issue that places a value of $500 on my life and turns it into a fund raiser for the state that doesn't benefit the property owner. If I can afford "up to" $500 for the ticket (rest assured it will be no less,) what's to keep me from carrying over the objection of the property owner?

2.  Recoupment of court and attorney fees when successfully challenging a Sheriff's denial of pistol permits. This was in an earlier version of H562, but was removed.

3. Revoke authority of Commissioner of Agriculture to regulate guns at the State Fair, or at least add a "move weapon to and from concealment" provision like that of the section covering campus carry.

4. Since local government property is publicly owned, more scrutiny should be required of local government officials when seeking to ban firearms. Proposals should provide a compelling reason for a ban or restriction, and not be automatically valid "just because we can." An elected official doesn't have license to do whatever he wants with the blessing of the voters.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cumberland County Creates Criminal Protection Zone

Cumberland County Commissioners have decided they don't trust their citizens.

In a move against the carrying of guns by law-abiding citizens, the anti-Second Amendment gun control extremists added an open carry prohibition to one that already prohibits concealed carry. More details here.

Once again, people who are not criminals are punished for the actions of those who are.

What part of keep and bear do they not understand?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interesting Choice of Words

"Gun-control law overcomes amendments to pass legislature" read the headline on after the NC Senate passed a gutted version of H562, which actually loosens some gun laws in North Carolina. They're just spinning it, I thought. If so, they may have inadvertently swerved into something here: any legislation that targets law-abiding citizens, such as pistol permit requirements, restrictions on places to carry, and special privileges for politicians is gun control, even if it is intended to "grant" more rights.

The very fact that politicians think that they're doing citizens a favor by "allowing" them to exercise a God-given right indicates that they are in office for the wrong reasons.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lenoir Doesn't Trust You

Back in December of 2014, the City of Lenoir, NC passed an ordinance regulating firearms on city property.

It's a little wordy, and pretty much duplicates what is already State law for local governments that wish to post against concealed and/or open carry. This is their prerogative as granted by their patrons in Raleigh, as long as those who run Lenoir understand that they are guaranteeing the safety of those they strip of their inalienable rights.

But it's the very last section, Sec 13-19(f), that makes my blood boil every time I read it:

(f) Any person in violation of the prohibitions of this section 13-19 shall be guilty of a misdemeanor pursuant to N.C.G.S. 14-4. Any firearm, handgun or other weapon possession in violation of the provisions of this section is and are declared to be contraband, to be disposed of in accordance with applicable North Carolina law (italics mine.)

So not only is the "City" of Lenoir determined to deny your natural right of self-defense, they are claiming the authority to seize and "dispose of" your personal property should you be caught on publicly-owned property with your defensive weapon. Not sure where they're getting their information from, as NCGS 14-4 describes sewerage district and parking ordinances.

As usual, the worst laws are the ones that target law-abiding citizens.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Does This License Plate Make Me Look Racist?

Today I walked past a car in the parking lot. I did a doubletake when I saw the license plate, a personalized tag like this one:

How racist, I thought.

No? Why not? Where I'm from, white people have traditionally associated watermelons with African-Americans and other black people. This is racist, and it is wrong. So shouldn't the State of North Carolina end the sale of license tags with watermelons on them, based on the fact that watermelons are racist? If some have used watermelons as a symbol of racism, shouldn't they all be banned?

If not, then the Confederate flag should be left alone as well. (NC sells a Sons of Confederate Veterans tag as well; don't tell anybody.)