Monday, August 10, 2015

H562 Now Law; What's Next?

Now that Governor Pat McCrory has signed H562 into law, it's time to start on RKBA legislation for next year. Now, the only law I truly support is one that fines and imprisons anyone who attempts to infringe the right to keep and bear arms. Having said that, I realize that I should accept what is realistic. To that end, I think the next steps in reclaiming gun rights are:

1. Remove the force of law from gun free zones; refusing to leave when asked will be simple trespassing. The current "infraction" takes a property rights issue that places a value of $500 on my life and turns it into a fund raiser for the state that doesn't benefit the property owner. If I can afford "up to" $500 for the ticket (rest assured it will be no less,) what's to keep me from carrying over the objection of the property owner?

2.  Recoupment of court and attorney fees when successfully challenging a Sheriff's denial of pistol permits. This was in an earlier version of H562, but was removed.

3. Revoke authority of Commissioner of Agriculture to regulate guns at the State Fair, or at least add a "move weapon to and from concealment" provision like that of the section covering campus carry.

4. Since local government property is publicly owned, more scrutiny should be required of local government officials when seeking to ban firearms. Proposals should provide a compelling reason for a ban or restriction, and not be automatically valid "just because we can." An elected official doesn't have license to do whatever he wants with the blessing of the voters.

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