Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Human Shields

There is a great deal of discussion about education spending everywhere, especially in North Carolina. Many well-meaning people on both sides have made their views known. What bothers me is how arguments are made "for the children," especially among those in education. Some mean it; some don't.

My message to them is, if you don't want to lose your job, then say you don't want to lose your job. If you don't want to lose funding for your pet project, then say so. Just don't play the "For the Children" card if you are more concerned about your longevity and don't give a rat's rear end about "the children."

If it were really about the children, those screaming loudest would shut up and just do their job. If the Educrat (someone who doesn't teach, but holds a desk job with a six-figure salary) is truly there "for the children," he can give up his job so that several teacher assistants can keep theirs. 

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