Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where You Can't Carry in North Carolina

Schools, school grounds or campus, school bus. NCGS 14-269.2; 18 USC 922.
Assemblies of people where a fee was charged for admission. NCGS 14-269.3 [Huh?]
Places where alcoholic beverages are sold and consumed. NCGS 14-269.3.
Courthouses. NCGS 14-269.4.
The State Capitol. NCGS 14-269.4.
The Governor’s official homes. NCGS 14-269.4. [I haven’t been invited anyway]
Parades. NCGS 14-277.2.
Funeral processions. NCGS 14-277.2.
Picket lines. NCGS 14-277.2.
Demonstrations at private health care facilities. NCGS 14-277.2.
Any public place owned by a local governmental unit [where an ordinance is effective AND a sign prohibiting is posted]. NCGS 14-277.2.
Any place (except one’s premises) where a state of emergency exists. NCGS 14-288.7.
Any place (except one’s premises) at or near where a riot is occurring. NCGS 14-288.7.
State legislative buildings and grounds. NCGS 120-32.1.
Any place prohibited by federal law. NCGS 14-415.11.
Law enforcement facilities. NCGS 14-415.11.
Correctional facilities (jails, prisons). NCGS 14-415.11.
Buildings housing only State or federal offices. NCGS 14-415.11.
State or federal government offices. NCGS 14-415.11.
Financial institutions (banks, etc.). NCGS 14-415.11.
Premises with a notice posted prohibiting concealed weapons. NCGS 14-415.11.
In other words, just about anywhere you would need to.

Where You Can Carry

Basically, Walmart and your own property. Just don’t shoot anybody.

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