Thursday, March 1, 2012

Feet to No Fire

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a news conference today in which he announced his suspicions that Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate is forged, something many of us suspected as soon as we saw it. He says this has implications for his county by defrauding its voters.

Okay, what if the LFBC is a forgery? What’s anyone going to do? Confronting BHO will do no good; he’ll simply refuse to acknowledge a challenge, and the willing mainstream media will take his side. An appeal to congress will do no good, since they will simply be incredulous that anyone would make such an accusation, or they will cite a “constitutional crisis” if the matter is pursued. Tell the Attorney General? He works for the President. The Supreme Court? Maybe that’s the goal, but if they rule against the President, who will remove him if he refuses to leave?

When government abuses its power, who will hold them accountable? If the government won’t police themselves, to whom do we turn? When a majority of citizens doesn’t care, who will hold the feet of the offenders to the fire?

We may ostensibly be a nation of laws, but the enforcement of those laws depend on the integrity of a nation of men.

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