Friday, May 18, 2012

Sawmills Town Council "Gets It"

In a 4-1 vote at the May 15 meeting, the Sawmills, NC town council voted to allow concealed carry in Town of Sawmills parks.

According to the News Topic of Lenoir, Councilman Joe Wesson said "It puts it on a more level playing field if we have a law-abiding citizen who can take care of it if something happens...We can't afford not to do this, is how I feel."

That's concealed carry in a nutshell.

State law allows local governments to restrict carrying of weapons in specific areas of parks, including playgrounds and athletic facilities. Sawmills now allows concealed carry in all areas of its parks.

Councilman Donnie Potter cast the dissenting vote. In a previous meeting, he strongly opposed the measure, saying "if you guys vote on this, and someone gets shot, it's on your conscience."

Not to be deterred, the majority of the council let logic prevail.

Now this is a common sense gun law.

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