Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bend Over

SCOTUS has inexplicably upheld Obamacare. The mandate that all Americans purchase a product in the form of insurance is deemed constitutional “in the form of a tax.”

This means that there is now nothing that the government can’t do to you or require that you participate in.
The government can now determine what you eat, what you drink, the temperature in your home, and how you care for your children.

The government can make you buy a safer (and “greener”) car. The government can make you stay indoors because you’re getting too much sun. They can tell you to stop eating ice cream after 6:00PM because you’re getting too fat.

They can probe your gun collection, treating it as a health risk.

If you need that operation, you may have to wait until the government says you can have it.

The government will now have access to your medical records.

The government will be able to take your children away because you’re not taking care of them in an approved manner.

And you’re going to pay for it, with your money and your health.

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